The Illusion of Peace

Although victorious in the Great Sith War, the Galactic Republic was all but crippled. The Senate was at odds bickering over who gets aid first, the military’s resources were near a breaking point, and the mid-rim and outer-rim territories were rife with crime. The Jedi practically excluded themselves from the galaxy, sheltering themselves in their many academies and only helping with local disputes to train their Padawans. The progress of recovery was nearly at a standstill.

Rumors of the Mandalorians invading independent outer-rim territories were flooding the holo-net, but because of their own struggles, the Republic was unable to send assistance. Unavoidably, skirmishes broke out between the agressive Mandalorians and the Republic ,eventually turning into a full out war with the invasion of Taris and the surrounding systems.

Shortly after a Jedi Academy was established on Taris, the Padawans of the academy mysteriously were massacared. To make things worse, the lower city went into complete anarchy after Lhosan Industries pulled out their mining interests on the planet, causing over half of the Lower-city citizens to become unemployed. Unable to stem the tide of chaos and hold back the Mandalorians, the Republic was forced to abandon Taris to the Mandalorians.

Eventually the Hidden Beks of the Lower-city and the Tarisian Resistance rose up against the Mandalorians, though this would be short-lived. After a failed attempt to assassinate Cassius Fett, the resistance was all but crushed under the boot-heel of the Mandalorian’s. Beaten and bloodied, many of the resistance members fled Taris to Nar Shaddaa as refugees, taking nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few coins in their pockets.



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