Montgomery Burnside

Noble/Scoundrel, Son of Tarisian Councilman, Likes girls, gambling and guns.


Montgomery Burnside
Height 1.8 m, Weight 82 kg
Noble 1, Scoundrel 1

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 17

Trained Skills:
Decepton, Gather Information, Initiative, Knowlege (Bureaucracy), Perception, Persuasion (focus), Pilot, Ride, Use Computer

Feats:Linguist, Weapon Proficiency Simple, Weapon Proficiency Pistols, Weapon Focus Pistols, Point Blank Shot.

Basic, Ryl, Huttese, Durese, Ithorese, Quarrenese

Presence (Use persuasion to intimidate target), Gambler (+2 Wis w/ Gambling)


Montgomery Burnside was the spoiled son of a Tarisian Councilman. At a young age Monty had a passion for adventure and found great thrill in sneaking into the lower levels of Taris to watch the swoop races. During one of these events he befriended Gadon Thek of the Hidden Beks. When not at his studies in the Upper City, Monty frequented the Hidden Bek base and learned some of his more shady skills such as gambling and how to handle a blaster, as well as how to decieve and work his way around the system.

This adventurous, exciting life came to a screeching halt when the Mandalorians invaded. During the invasion, at the behest of his father, he smuggled his mother and siblings down to the Hidden Bek base to protect them while the danger persisted. After the initial invasion subsided he recieved news of his father’s death. His home was attacked and destroyed by Cassius Fett when his father refused to submit to Mandalorian rule. Although he was heartbroken and angered by this, Mongomery joined up with the Beks and began raiding Mandalorian supply dumps to help the beleagured citizens under his protection.

At the behest of Gaddon, Montgomery used his connections within the Republic to estabilish transport to Nar Shaddaa. There he would need to make contact with the Hutts to negotiate for supplies and aid for the Beks and their resistance allies. Leaving his familiy behind, he leaves Taris in pursuit of his new mission.

Montgomery Burnside

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