Campaign Rules

Time Period: Old Republic during the Mandalorian Wars

Race Restrictions: Human only

Class Restricions: Jedi are prohibited for this campaign due to the Jedi Order being splintered during this time period, due to the complexity of the Jedi class and the inexperience of some players. This taking place during the Mandalorian Wars, I don’t expect to have very many encounters with Jedi/Sith oppositon.

Starting Level: 2

Sourcebook Restrictions: For feats, skills, items and other geneneral character development I am restricting sourcebooks to these: Core Rulebook, Galaxy of Intrigue, Galaxy at War, Scum and Villany, Starships of the Galaxy and Knights of the Old Republic. Any and all items purchased from sourcebooks other than Core Rulebook and Knights of the Old Republic will need to be approved by the GM due to the time period being played.

Abillities: Players start at 10 for all abillities and have 33 points to spend to increase them. Maximum base abillity score at lvl 1 is 18 points. No pulling an “Damian” and having 40+ Dexterity.

Items and Money Since your characters are refugees, you are not going to have any items to begin with, other than the clothes on your back, and will have 10% of your max starting credits due to the cost incurred to charter transport off-world. You may have the wealth Noble Talent but it doesn’t apply until you gain the means to reestablish contact with your banking officials via the Holonet.

Please do your best to tie your skills, classes and talents into your character’s bio. All of you were born on or migrated to Taris before you can remember. There are many Factions that are available on Taris to diversify your characters. Some examples are the Tarisian Defense Force (Soldier), Tarisian Nobles on the Upper City (Noble), Middle City is full of lower-middle class citizens and some aliens(Scoundrel, Scout), The lower city is overrun with swoop gangs, the Hidden Beks being the largest and friendliest. (Scoundrel, Scout).

Character Bios: I’ve left the creation of Bios pretty much open as long as characters eventually find their way into the resistance against the Mandalorians and end up on the refugee ship, “Hopefull Venture,” heading to Nar Shaddaa. Once they board the ship I come in with the start of the campaign.

Campaign Rules

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