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STAR Inc was founded on taris by Delvin Slager and a few of his friends from the Taris Civil Authority. Specializing in private security and VIP escort, the future of the organization was looking prosperous due to the rising crime in the Lower City and it ocassionaly spilling into the Upper City. The Tarisian Nobles would often use the services of STAR to bolster their own personal security teams.

When the Mandalorians invaded, STAR was contracted by some of the noble families to secure transport to Coursant. In the fighting, Jewel Marisel, was separated from the main group. Delvin Slager and one of his associates went to her aid while the rest of the group boarded the transport. Due to the intensifying of the battle and the Mandalorians’ blocade of the planet nearing its totallity, the transport was forced to evacuate without Delvin and company. Upon their arrival to Coursant, Boz Alder established a new base and awaited contact from Delvin.

Ranks of S.T.A.R.

OS Rank PC Bonus
1-3 Recruit None
4-6 Rookie None
7-9 Operative None
10-15 Elite Operative No lisense fees on Lisensed goods within SOI.
16-20 Specialist Above + extra d6 when using a force point on skill checks.
21-30 Elite Specialist(PC only) Above + no lisence fees on restricted goods within SOI.
31+ Captain(PC only) Above + no lisence fees on military goods within SOI.
SP Commander(Delvin Slager only) Access to personal aide (level = Character lvl -3)
Access to monthly stipend (1000 cr x OS)

S.T.A.R. Criteria

Positive Criteria Organization Score(OS) Modifier
Experience +1/2 Character Level
Levels in Soldier +1
Levels in Scout +1
Weapon Proficiency (Pistols) +1
Weapon Proficiency (Rifles) +1
Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Melee Weapons) +1
Armor Proficiency +1
Knowlege (Tactics) +1
Skill Focus (Tactics) +1
Levels in Elite Trooper +2
Levels in Gunslinger +2
Completes Mission for S.T.A.R. Inc +1
Donates Supplies to S.T.A.R. Inc +1 /5000 cr (max +5)
Negative Criteria Organizatioin Score(OS) Modifier
Mission Failed -2
Loses supplies vital to S.T.A.R. Inc -2 /5000 cr
Steals from S.T.A.R. Inc or Client -10
Kills Member of S.T.A.R. Inc or Client intentionally -20


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